Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Hitachi UV Irradiation Unit PDC-7

This is the optional product of the Differential Scanning Calorimeter which enables the detection of the photochemical reaction such as UV curing.

Shimadzu DSC-60 Series

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: DSC-60, DSC-60A

Setaram Instrumentation microDSC3 evo

High-sensitivity DSC and isothermal microcalorimetry (-20 to 120°C) with in-situ mixing possibilities

Setaram Instrumentation SENSYS evo DSC

An innovative line of Thermal Analyzers (-120 / 830°C) with 3D-Inside technology

Setaram Instrumentation DSC131 evo

Also found In: Differential Thermal Analysis ,

An-easy-to-use Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC (-170 to 700°C)

Setaram Instrumentation 96 Line DTA / DSC

Also found In: Differential Thermal Analysis ,

Large volume & high temperature DTA / DSC (ambient to 2000°C)

Series Models: DTA 96, DSC 96

Setaram Instrumentation HP Micro DSC

Mastering High Pressure DSC & Microcalorimetry up to 1000 bars - 14,500 psi

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Questions for Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Auto sampler reads (illegal tip contact)

The auto sampler fails the self test by stating "illegal tip contact" when aligning the tray anyone know how to fix this?

what connects to the silver tubes sticking out of my unit?

Two silver tubes are sticking out of my unit, and i am not sure what connects to them? chiller? liquid nitro? any insight is appreciated.


Could you send me a quotation.


You you send me a quotation of DSC-Raman Setup

peak on base/zero line in interval 250÷350°C

Instrument is without sample, without reference. After cleaning procedure are 3-4 followings base line correct, follow-up base line has the peak in...

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