PerkinElmer TGA 4000

Get the answers you need with less effort than you thought possible. TGA 4000 delivers great results - all day, every day

PerkinElmer TG-IR Hyphenation

Also found In: Infrared Spectrophotometers ,

A Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) combined with an Infrared Spectrometer (TG-IR) is the most common type of Evolved Gas Analysis(EGA) system.

PerkinElmer TG-MS Hyphenation

The combination of a TGA with a MS allows you to detect very low levels of impurities in real time.

PerkinElmer Pyris 1 TGA

Get unsurpassed accuracy with the Pyris 1 TGA

TA Instruments Q5000 IR

The Q5000 IR has been replaced by the Discovery TGA    The highly automated Q5000 IR is the TGA best suited to meet the most demanding

TA Instruments Q500

The Q500 is a research-grade thermogravimetric analyzer. Its field-proven performance arises from a responsive low-mass furnace, ultra-sensitive

TA Instruments Q50

The rugged, reliable, and cost-effective Q50 TGA, with many features of the Q500, offers exceptional value as a compact, general purpose

EXSTAR TG/DTA7000 Series

Also found In: Differential Thermal Analysis ,

Newly developed simultaneous thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA, TGA/DTA) with high performances.

Series Models: 7200,7220, TG/DTA7300, Auto Sampler Unit

Hitachi Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer STA7000 Series

The STA7000 Series Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer provides simultaneous measurement of both TG and DTA/DSC with a wide temperature range

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Questions for Thermogravimetric Analysis

Error 405 and 420

I keep getting the error message "power supply furnace impredance error(405)" and "power supply furnace impredance error, value 127...

Overpressure stand by mode

the sistem display show overpressure when ins running and when is in stand by mode.

TG 209 F1 Irsi suitability for conducting nitrous oxide adsorption study

Hi there,   I was just checking if this particular TG is suitable for condcuting N2O adsoprtion study on various types of treated...

furnace not heating after replacment

Our TGA was not heating so we put in new furnace and thermocouple into TGA Pyris 1.  Furnace still not heating.  What else can be wrong...

Fuse Location

Hello, Where is the internal fuse on the Pyris 1 TGA?  There is supposidly one on a circuity board. Thanks.

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