Rigaku TDL

Thermodilatometry (TDL) is a thermal analysis technique in which a constant load is applied to a sample, and the amount of expansion and/or shrinkage

Netzsch GST 420 PC

Testing glaze stress under true practical conditions

Netzsch DIL 402 CD

Dual- and differential-dilatometer unified in a new concept

Netzsch DIL 402 PC

Precise expansion/shrinkage measurements in routine operation

Netzsch DIL 402 C

Peak performance on thermal expansion measurements up to 2000°C

Netzsch DIL 402 E/7 Pyro

Reliable thermal expansion measurements up to 2800°C

TA Instruments DIL 803 Dual Sample Dilatometer

Two-samples simultaneous operation to maximize productivity without comprises on results.

TA Instruments DIL 805

A family of quenching dilatometers used to study the heat treatment of steel and metal alloys to identify the heating rate...

Series Models: DIL 805L, DIL 805A, DIL 805A/D, DIL 805A/D/T

TA Instruments HM 867 Heating Microscope

HM 867 and MorphometriXTM image anlysis software suite for most accurate automatic characteristic shape temperature identification.

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DIL 402 PC Install problem.

Hi EveryOne. Our computer which connected with the instrument was infected virus, so we have to reinstall the windows and reinstall the netzch...

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