LECO Corporation LMV Series 50V

Step up to the most versatile and advanced Multi-Vickers Hardness Testing System LECO has ever offered—the LMV Series 50V, with Load Cell Technology.

Rigaku SmartSite RS

The SmartSite RS is the world’s smallest portable stress analyzer that is especially designed for field analysis.

LECO Corporation LV-Series

LECO's LV-Series Macro-Vickers Hardness Testing Systems offer an affordable testing system suitable for even European and Asian specifications.

LECO Corporation LR-Series

LECO's LR-Series Rockwell-Type Hardness Testing Systems are built to handle high-volume workloads while maintaining accuracy and repeatability.

LECO Corporation AMH55 Automatic Hardness Testing System

Maximize your productivity and easily measure impressions on various surface conditions for a wide number of applications with LECO’s new AMH55. The

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Questions for Hardness Testers

error code

Getting 24 volt motor disabled. Can this be reset? Other trouble shooting ideas?

Touch screen

Hello, Hi, I need your help, My name is Carlos Betancourt, I have a Hardness tester 1202, I made something wrong, in a calibration screen I...

Error codes

I keep getting an interface error, code 1022 and 160, can you tell me how to stop it. It shuts our test down and we have to prepare surface on sample...

Shimadzu HMV 2

Hi. I am Dario Currently i have a problem with my microhardness tester shimadzu HMV 2 In the machine always appears in L1 and L2 the value...

Problem with the lamp of the wilon hardness tester (model 574)

Hello  I have a little problem with the wilson hardness tester (574)and I need replace the lamp but I don´t know about of the...

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