Phenomenex CRM

Phenova® Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) offer A New Standard of Confidence for environmental testing.

AMETEK Brookfield TA-SFJ sliding friction jig

TA-SFJ Sliding Friction Jig measures coefficient of friction (COF) between two materials by sliding them against each other.

Phase II Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge w/ High Resolution

Reliable Ultrasonic Thickness gauge for use with any good ultrasonic wave conductor with a parallel top and bottom.

Phase II Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Scan Feature

This multi-functional unit offers everything from basic measurement, Scanning Capabilities, Adjustable Sound Velocity, extended memory and USB output

Phase II Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge w/ Thru Coat and Ext. Measuring Range

This dynamic sonic gauge is designed to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, cera

Phase II Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge wih A & B Scan

These new state of the art thickness gauges are packed with useful features allowing users to be confident of the displayed values

Phase II New Coating Thickness Gauge / Paint Thickness Gauge

The NEW! Phase II PTG-3725 coating thickness gauge/paint thickness gauge is the latest, state-of-the-art thickness gauge in which you can easily

Phase II Metal Body Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Our new Rugged extruded aluminum frame ultrasonic thickness gauge is suited for rough environments such as mining facilities, pipeline, bridge and

Phase II Integrated Coating Thickness Gage with Auto Detect

The PTG-3500 utilizes an integrated probe that can automatically detect a Ferrous or Non-Ferrous substrate and comes with 2 substrate samples (steel

Phase II Coating Thickness Gauge with Color Flip Display

The PHASE II PTG-4000 coating thickness gauge can perform two different methods of calculating thickness measurement by utilizing the characteristics

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Repuesto Shimadzu

Cordial saludo.   Mi Nombre es Jorge Tovar de la empresa Tecnelco Ltda. Somos distribuidores en Colombia de Shimadzu. Estamos buscando...

Need help removing elbow type arms from Instron machine

Hello. I am hoping you might be able to help me. I have an older Instron machine that I think came from the 70's or 80's (maybe even earlier...

flexural test method for model 5985

Hi, I'm looking for a flexural test method for an instron 5985, if anyone has done that before. Thanks, Cris

RE: Motherboard

Does anyone have a part number for Shimadzu Tensile Tester Model AGS-J motherboard in effort to locate a new/used part.

Looking for a new/used motherboard for AGS-J

Will a motherboard from a newer model Autograph work in place of model AGS-J?

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