Eagle Group 4" x 60" Stainless Steel Shoe Rack

Wire Shelves offer the optimum combination of Laminar Flow and ventilation for the storage of Cleanroom Shoes.

AirClean® Systems AC-DS-03 Neutralizer Station

The AC-DS-03 neutralizer station is a semi-automated system designed to neutralize used high-level disinfectants such as Glutaraldehyde...

AirClean® Systems CleanShield® Endoscope Storage Cabinet

CleanShield® Endoscope Storage Cabinet provides a proper storage environment that protects delicate endoscopes from potential damage.

AirClean® Systems TEE Probe Storage Cabinet

The TEE probe storage cabinets provide a dedicated and secure place to store disinfected TEE probes.

Asynt GP540 General purpose cabinet

In the modern laboratory space is always at a premium and the GP540 general purpose cabinet offers great flexibility for your every day benchtop work

RDM Industrial Products Inc. Chemical Resistant Laboratory Cabinets

Cabinet-within-a-Cabinet Design  Fully Welded Interior and Exterior Units  Powder-coated Outer Unit & Polyethylene-coated Inner

RDM Industrial Products Inc. Flame Resistant Metal Laboratory Cabinets

Flammable Materials Storage...  Door & Drawers have Aluminum Pulls (2-Door Unit shown above..)  Powder-Coated Finish  Durable

Labconco Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets provide support for the full line of benchtop Labconco fume hoods.

Series Models: Acid Storage Cabinets, Solvent Storage Cabinets, Standard Storage Cabinets, Vacuum Pump Storage Cabinets, Acid StorageInterior Shelf Kit, Standard Interior Shelf Kits

Cleatech Chemical Storage Cabinet

We offer a full line of cleanroom-safe polypropylene cabinets. Polypropylene cabinet stands up to the most cleanroom & safety requirements.

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Hanson 1 inch nylon roller bearings

Does anyone know a source for the nylon roller bearing used in older Hanson Lab Cabinet drawers, they are 1 inch and 1 1/8...

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