Hamilton Laboratory Solutions Panorama Steel Casework

Panorama provides the industry's most comprehensive laboratory steel casework offering from a single platform.

Asynt GP540 General purpose cabinet

In the modern laboratory space is always at a premium and the GP540 general purpose cabinet offers great flexibility for your every day benchtop work

RDM Industrial Products Inc. Chemical Resistant Laboratory Cabinets

Cabinet-within-a-Cabinet Design  Fully Welded Interior and Exterior Units  Powder-coated Outer Unit & Polyethylene-coated Inner

RDM Industrial Products Inc. Flame Resistant Metal Laboratory Cabinets

Flammable Materials Storage...  Door & Drawers have Aluminum Pulls (2-Door Unit shown above..)  Powder-Coated Finish  Durable

Labconco Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets provide support for the full line of benchtop Labconco fume hoods.

Series Models: Acid Storage Cabinets, Solvent Storage Cabinets, Standard Storage Cabinets, Vacuum Pump Storage Cabinets, Acid StorageInterior Shelf Kit, Standard Interior Shelf Kits

Cleatech Chemical Storage Cabinet

We offer a full line of cleanroom-safe polypropylene cabinets. Polypropylene cabinet stands up to the most cleanroom & safety requirements.

Air Master Systems Titan Series

Our Titan Series increases productivity and reduces down time by utilizing interchangeable components. The flexibility of the product line adapts to

Series Models: Work Bench and Table Frame, Island Cores, Wall System Shelving, Wall Core System

Air Master Systems Specialty Cabinets

Air Master Systems’ specialty laboratory cabinets carry the same high quality and durability of our casework line. These cabinets offer extra

Series Models: Hanging Cabinets, Corrosives Cabinets, Vacuum Pump Storage Cabinets

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Hanson 1 inch nylon roller bearings

Does anyone know a source for the nylon roller bearing used in older Hanson Lab Cabinet drawers, they are 1 inch and 1 1/8...

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