Agilent Technologies U1600 series

The Agilent U1600 series hand held digital oscilloscopes are full featured hand held oscilloscopes that offer maximum versatility for current and

Agilent Technologies U2700A series

The Agilent U2700A series oscilloscopes are USB-based modular oscilloscopes that can be used as a standalone or with other U2700A series products in

Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series

Oscilloscopes redefined: Breakthrough technology delivers more scope for the same budget

Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series

The InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series offers entry-level price points to fit your budget with superior performance and optional capabilities that are not

Agilent Technologies 1000 Series

Engineered to give you more scope than you thought you could afford.

Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision 5000 Series

Whether you are working in the field or at your bench, the Agilent 5000 Series portable oscilloscopes provide the scope power that you need at a

Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision 6000 Series

The Agilent 6000 series provides the fastest way to capture analog, digital, and serial signals in real time, triggering from any combination of

Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision 6000L Series

The 6000L Series oscilloscopes provide up to 1-GHz bandwidth in a space-saving 1U-high 19-inch wide package so it saves your valuable rack space.

Agilent Technologies Infiniium 8000 Series

The Infiniium 8000 Series offers superior debugging and advanced application analysis in a powerful windows-based lab oscilloscope.

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