Asynt ChilliBlock System

The modular system is designed for both heating and cooling, the ChilliBlock base easily attaches to most laboratory heating cooling circulators. Its

Labnet AccuSeal™

The AccuSeal works with a wide range of microplates, including PCR, assay, and deep well storage plates. It accepts shallow plates and high profile

Zymark 79838/C

Zymark's new Twister II is more than a super-fast, high capacity plate stacker. It's real plug-and-play desktop automation.

Biochrom Thermostar

This is a small benchtop microplate shaker incubator that offers excellent performance and value for money.

Thermo Scientific RapidStak

RapidStak* Automated Microplate Stacker with Polara RS Software

Thermo Scientific Presenter RS

Thermo Scientific* Presenter RS is a compact, high throughput ambient storage device.

Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS

The Thermo Scientific* Orbitor RS Microplate Mover provides industrial-sized performance within a compact, benchtop mover.

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micro plate reader detect error lamp margin

DYNEX DS2 reader detect error lamp margin.  Is this the reader board problem or it need DEESOFT software to recalibrate lamp...

Power cable

Hi! I have parts of the Carl Zeiss Microplate Handler (Type I Turntable and Picker Platelift) and can't put them together. I don't have any...

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