NuAire Airegard 105

Cleanroom Air Shower

Series Models: 105-400, 105-424, 105-430, 105-530, 105-630

Esco Technologies VIVA Air Showers

Air Showers are self contained chambers installed at entrances to cleanrooms and other controlled environments. They minimize particulate matter

Series Models: EAS-1B1, EAS-1B2, EAS-1B3

Liberty Industries Cart Air Shower

Combines the features of both a pass-thru and an air shower for parts transfer. Designed to provide material cleaning and transfer to a clean area,

Liberty Industries Air Shower Tunnel

Designed for use in areas requiring a high level of decontamination performance, AS400 prefabricated, modular, 5 foot units can be combined with

Liberty Industries HVAS-2

Ideal for height restricted areas. HVAS-2 offers same quality application and reliable operation as AS-200. 5HP blower motor and filter installed on

Liberty Industries AS-200E

Liberty's AS-200E provides an economical option for reliable air shower protection for low traffic areas. The AS200E offers many of the same features

Liberty Industries AS-200

The Liberty AS-200 Air Shower is designed to provide maximum protection in high traffic areas, Ideal choice for durability and quality. Designed for

Esco Technologies Cleanroom Air Showers

Cleanroom Air Showers

Series Models: EAS-1A2, EAS-2A2, EAS-3A2, EAS-1B2, EAS-2B2, EAS-3B2, EAS-2C2, EAS-3C2

Esco Technologies Air Shower Pass Box

Also found In: , Pass-Through Chambers

A cost effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred into the controlled environment without actual personnel movement.

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