Bruker Optics CO2 Precision Cleaning

Superior Performance  Extremely fast and environmentally friendly, Eco-Snow’s "all-dry" CO2 cleaning technology offers unique advantages over

Tiger-Vac Tiger-Vac CR-1 ULPA 4 Gallons Cleanroom Vacuum , Dry Recovery

Available with a plastic or stainless steel recovery tank. This unit is equipped with a true ULPA Filter (U15) located downstream of the motor. This

Terra Universal Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-Off Gun

Terra's Ionizing Blow-Off Gun provides a safe, highly effective means of removing small contaminants from sensitive surfaces and minimizing the

Miele PG 8536

High-performance cleaning and disinfection appliance

Terra Universal Motorized Shoe Cleaner

This rugged, easy-to-operate automated shoe cleaner employs a time-proven design that ensures fast, effective shoe cleaning in cleanrooms, changing

Terra Universal PureDry™ Cleanroom Hand and Glove Dryers - Single Pass Model

Space-saving, wall-mount unit features an ULPA filter you replace without un-mounting the dryer. Single-pass design eliminates chance of moisture

Terra Universal PureDry™ Cleanroom Hand and Glove Dryers - Germ Free Recirculating Model

Recirculating air design minimizes turbulence for enhanced cleanliness, increased heating and filter efficiency. Can be wall- or benchtop-mounted.

Terra Universal Germicidal UV-C Lamp and Fixture

The Germicidal UV-C Lamp Fixture uses short-wave (254 nm) ultraviolet light to disinfect cleanrooms, laboratories, and other aseptic environments.

Terra Universal MicroVac™ Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

The MicroVac™ is a portable vacuum cleaner suitable for use in cleanroom environments. It incorporates a four-stage filter system to remove

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