Cleatech 3 Feet Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood Clean Bench

3 Feet workstation Overall Dimensions 40’’Wx36’D’x32.25’’H        Work area dimensions 34”Wx22”Dx26.75”H        Hood construction white

Aseptic Enclosures DSC03637-v1

Portable Clean-rooms – Built on casters for mobility. Portable clean-rooms can be produced in a variety of sizes to accommodate your work. Class 100

HEMCO Corporation Unilab

Pre-Engineered for Quick On-Site Delivery and Installation

HEMCO Corporation Modulab

Pre-Engineered for Quick On-Site Delivery and Installation

HEMCO Corporation Modular HEPA Filtered Clean Labs

Where critical levels of cleanliness must be maintained, HEMCO Modular UniLab pre-engineered modular system offers a cost-effective alternative to

HEMCO Corporation Clean Room

Since 1985 HEMCO has been manufacturing quality laboratory equipment. We can provide the clean room, furnishings, and certification to meet your

Terra Universal Strip Shield Door

Strip shields can be mounted in place of a standard door or 4-foot (1219 mm) hardwall panel at any location along the perimeter of the cleanroom.

Terra Universal Stainless Steel Swing Doors

Select 304 or 316 stainless steel frames for optimal cleanliness, durability, and chemical resistance. Transparent door panels are available in

Terra Universal Aluminum Frame Swing Door

Aluminum frame with choice of acrylic or static-dissipative PVC panel and pneumatic closure. Standard mounting is on right panel of shorter wall;

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