Microwave Digesters

Anton Paar Microwave Synthesis: Monowave 400/200

Monowave 400 and Monowave 200 are high performance microwave reactors specially designed for small scale microwave synthesis applications in research

Anton Paar Microwave Reaction System: Multiwave PRO

Also found In: Chemistry Analyzers ,

The Multiwave PRO microwave reaction system serves two groups: professionals in trace analysis and synthetic chemistry. The instrument delivers the

Anton Paar Microwave Digestion System: Multiwave GO

The Multiwave GO microwave digestion system represents a masterstroke of Anton Paar's engineering. The newly designed DMC Directed Multimode Cavity

CEM Corporation PETwave - Microwave-Assisted Radiosynthesis

Microwave technology has become a common tool for chemical synthesis both in academia and industry. Compared to conventional means of synthesis, the

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Dout about Mars 5

Dear CEM,     I have a question about digestion oven MARS 5. We have an equipment MARS 5 in our laboratory. We need determine proteins...

Sample cups

Please quote  teflon sample cups for commander S

Teflon Sample Containers

  Hello, we have a unit Commnader S and we want to buy Teflon sample cups since the original cups are already worn out. Please...

Software update

Good Afternoon, every time I switch on the MW3000 the onboard computer asks me to update the software by connecting a host pc and running the...

Software flashupdate problem

Hello: When I log in the computer asks me for software flashupdate and lei that could be any of the batteries. Could you inform me where they are...

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