Microwave Digesters

Questron Technologies QLAB Pro

The Ultimate Solution for all your sample digestion needs

Buck Scientific UWave-2000 Multi-functional Microwave Synthesis System

UWave-2000 Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation integrates the atmospheric pressure and pressurized reactions, microwave heating,

Buck Scientific MWave-5000 Microwave Synthesis System

The Mwave-5000 Microwave Synthesis System is perfect for:    Extraction of active plant ingredients  Synthesizing

Buck Scientific MAS-II Microwave Synthesis System

MAS-II is an enhanced microwave synthesis reaction workstation made for various reaction conditions. Unique patented Two Channel Temperature Monitor

Buck Scientific Master Series Microwave Digestion Systems

The MASTER Microwave is designed to provide maximum power and safety. Backed by Buck Scientific's legendary customer service, the Master is ready to

Buck Scientific MDS-15

Our Latest microwave system (The MDS-15) is the culmination of over 20 years of refinement. The MDS-15 is a high-throughput, multi-functional closed

Buck Scientific MDS-6G Microwave Digestion System

Don't be fooled by the low price of The MDS-6G Microwave digestion system! This is a high quality microwave digestion system which comes with our

Buck Scientific Jupiter Microwave Digestion system

Power & Strength  The JUPITER series microwave digestion system is the culmination of over 20 years of constant innovation in the microwave

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Questions for Microwave Digesters

Software update

Good Afternoon, every time I switch on the MW3000 the onboard computer asks me to update the software by connecting a host pc and running the...

Software flashupdate problem

Hello: When I log in the computer asks me for software flashupdate and lei that could be any of the batteries. Could you inform me where they are...

instrument is off

we need technical support to contact in egypt

Possible cause for explosion in microwave

I am looking for plausibe explanation for the explosion in the Multiwave 3000.  One of the vessels used in microwave appears to have exploded...

CEM Star - Wrong cell heating up

CEM Star 2 system. Starting method on cell 2 causes cell 1 to heat up even though cell 1 was not started, to the point of causing a cell 1 over-temp...

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