Microwave Digesters

Anton Paar Monowave300

Also found In: Chemistry Analyzers ,

High performance microwave reactor specially designed for small scale microwave synthesis applications in research and development laboratories.

Anton Paar Multiwave 3000

Also found In: Sample Preparation ,

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: Standard, High performance, High throughput

Analysco MASTER 40

Microwave Digestion / Extraction System

Sineo MASTER 40-Vessel

40 Vessels Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

SCP SCIENCE DigiPREP Block Digestion Systems

DigiPREP blocks are Teflon coated to resist aggressive corrovise attack for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory environments. Seven sizes,

CEM Corporation CEM Labwave9000 Microwave Moisture/Solid Analyzer

The moisture/solid analyzer is designed for faster analysis with an integrated analytical balance, a digital computer and a microwave drying system.

CEM Corporation MARS 5 Digestion Microwave System

Designed for ease of use and convenience, MARS 5 features a bright, vacuum fluorescent display with large characters that are easily readable.

CEM Corporation CEM Discover Microwave Synthesis System

The Discover System is the newest member of the product line and the premier microwave synthesis system on the market.

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Pressure device error

We have a Mars 5 Xpress with this error.Error Pressure DevicePressure device detected while Xpress Vessel slectedRemove pressure deviceHow can i...

Software update

Good Afternoon, every time I switch on the MW3000 the onboard computer asks me to update the software by connecting a host pc and running the...


Dout about Mars 5

Dear CEM,     I have a question about digestion oven MARS 5. We have an equipment MARS 5 in our laboratory. We need determine proteins...

Sample cups

Please quote  teflon sample cups for commander S

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