Conductivity Meters

Hach Company Radiometer Analytical Probes

Radiometer Analytical develops and manufactures an extensive range of electrochemical electrodes - combined pH, glass or reference electrodes, metal

OHAUS Cond Meter ST3100C

Smart Conductivity Bench Meter for Standard Laboratory Applications

TA Instruments ElectroForce TestBench

Combining industry-leading performance with a modular, user-configurable platform results in a flexible test instruments that can adapt...

TA Instruments ElectroForce Planar Biaxial

Superior control, in displacement and force, and unparalleled performance for characterizing the anisotropic behavior of materials and soft tissues.

TA Instruments ElectroForce5500

Advanced Characterization and Stimulation in a Compact System.

TA Instruments ElectroForce3500

Clean, maintenance-free technology for higher force dynamic testing up to 15 kN.

TA Instruments ElectroForce3100

Low force, dynamic testing in a compact and portable table-top instrument – easily move between lab facilities.

TA Instruments ElectroForce3300

Characterize a variety of materials or components on the industry’s highest-performing and most versatile table-top test instrument.

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Sample size

What range of polymer sample size is good for DMA using Electroforce 3100?


my manual is misplaced need instructions for calibration

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