Irvine Scientific BalanCD® Transfectory™ CHO

BalanCD® CHO is a chemically-defined, animal component-free feed medium designed to increase process yields of antibodies and recombinant proteins in

Irvine Scientific PRIME-XV® T Cell CDM

Chemically-defined, animal component-free medium for T cell culture optimized to deliver consistent growth while maintaining T cell functionality and

inSphero 3D InSight™ Multi-donor Human Liver Microtissues

3D InSight™ Multi-donor Human Liver Microtissues offer structural and functional robustness of our single-donor microtissues.

Lonza Group Ltd. PowerCHO™ Chemically Defined, Serum-free CHO Medium

Lonza has launched the latest addition to the company’s range of specialized, serum-free media for culturing Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells

Quad Technologies MagCloudz Cell Separation

Our MagCloudz™ Cell Separation products use magnetic particles as a carrier for our proprietary QuickGel™ technology.

AMSbio Stem-Cellbanker

STEM-CELLBANKER® is a chemically defined, animal-free freezing medium manufactured under GMP conditions- optimized for ES cell and iPS cell storage.

AMSbio mRNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent

mRNA-In™ Neuro, is a new, mRNA transfection reagent specifically designed and optimized for high efficiency mRNA delivery with exceptionally

AMSbio mRNA-In™ Transfection Reagent

mRNA-In™ Transfection Reagent was developed by members of the scientific team that invented Lipofectamine® and Lipofectamine® 2000 and

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Carbachol response in HEK293 cells

HEK293 are known to have high abundance of muscarinic receptors. Using Calcium No Wash kits we see dose dependent increase in calcium influx...


I want to know the price for the kit.

Sodium channel flipr assay using blue dye 1. Before adding veratridin(activator), the first RFU is higher when just treat tetracaine(inhibitor compound).. could...

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