Flow Meters

HMK Test AS-300 Hall Flowmeter

AS-300 Hall Flowmeter (Funnel) /Hall Flow Meter (Funnel) determines both Flow Rate and Apparent Density of free-flowing metallic powders as well as

HMK Test LABULK 0315 Gustavsson Flow Meter

LABULK 0315 Metallic Powders Gustavsson Flow Meter is produced according to ISO 13517. It is used to measure the flow rate of the metallic powder and

Quantachrome Instruments PoreMaster series

The safest and most easy-to-use automated mercury intrusion porosimeter

Micromeritics Porometer- Capillary Flow Porometry Instruments

Gas Liquid Porometry, also known as Capillary Flow Porometry (CFP), measures pore size and pore size distribution of through pores in materials. The

TA Instruments FOX 1000

The FOX 1000 Heat Flow Meter is an accurate, easy-to-use instrument specifically designed to accommodate large samples...

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Compatibility with Semiconductor/Halocarbon Gases

Curious if the device is compatible with semiconductor and halocarbons compounds gas phase? Specifically Halocarbon-14, Halocarbon-116, and...

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