Heating Mantles

Cole-Parmer StableTemp® Modular Block Heaters

Digital dry block heater 1 block capacity 120V with independent LED displays for temperature & time.PID temperature control with user calibration

Glas-Col Combo Heating Mantles

Glas-Col's combination mantles have always been the mantles of choice for repetitive extracting, refluxing, and distilling procedures in labs of food

Laboratory Craftsmen, Inc. Thermowell Round-Bottom Flask Heaters


Series Models: Model C3AM, Model C4AM, Model C4AM-CE

Electrothermal CMUV Electromantles

CMUV Electromantles: For large volume flask and funnels

Series Models: CMUV10, CMUV12, CMUV22

VWR Electromantle EMX and EMV series

Multipurpose heating apparatus which accepts a variety of funnels. The opening in the base enables funnels or vessels with bottom drain taps to be

Glas-Col Series O Resin Reaction Flask Mantles

This mantle's even heat distribution prevents scorching of clear resinous materials. It's one-circuit heat input simplifies temperature control.

Glas-Col Series TM StirMantle

The StirMantle adds electromagnetic stirring capability (50-750 rpm) to the Series TM heating mantle for spherical flasks. Heating and stirring are

Glas-Col Series M

The Series M mantle is the most compact mantle with an aluminum shell that can heat flasks up to 72 liters. Like the Series TM, this mantle has a

Glas-Col Series TM Can Mantles

Paint Can  These arson-detection mantles are specified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for use in arson investigations and fit

Glas-Col Series STM

The Series STM mantles perform the same function as Series TM heating mantles, plus operations requiring more heat. With an upper internal operating

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use manual for the thermo well C3AM

is there a user manual avalible for this product? I would like to add a thermal couple with a process controller to regulate operation...

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