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Berthold Technologies Microplates
Berthold Technologies Microplates

The microplate well is part of the optical system in plate reading. Therefore, the microplates used need to be high quality and must match certain criteria.


Due to the unique modular optical system, sequential dual excitation, simultaneous dual emission, and ratiometric calculations, such as for FRET and BRET, the PHERAstar FS performs all assays with ease and speed.

inSphero GravityTRAP™ ULA Plate

An enhanced, easy-to-use ULA plate for scaffold-free spheroid culture and assay.

EPPENDORF Cell Culture Plates

Also found In: , Culture/Petri Dishes

Proven Eppendorf quality brought to a new level. Premium in all aspects: Product, Performance and Packaging.

Thermo Scientific SOLAµ well plates

SOLAµ is the first micro elution product to meet the requirements of the bioanalyst in combination with a robust, easy to use format.

Porvair Sciences Silicone double O-ring cap mats

New silicone cap mats for its range of 2ml deep well storage blocks. Incorporating a novel double O-ring feature - the new silicone cap mats ensure a

Integra Biosciences 96 and 384 Well Reservoirs

Reagent Reservoirs 96 and 384 - economically and environmentally friendly

BrandTech Scientific BRAND Polypropylene & Deep Well Plates

BRAND polystyrene and polypropylene microtitration plates are excellent for cell and tissue culture, sample storage, immunological assays, and other

BrandTech Scientific BRANDplates® pureGrade™ and immunoGrade™ Strip Plates

BRANDplates® Strip Plates allow the ultimate in flexibility. A rigid frame with removable F-bottom 8-strips allows separation of samples. Choose from

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PDL 384 well plate?

Hi, I have recently got a 384 well plate from another lab which is a little old but they say it's good to reuse. I've washed it out and...

Two absorption optical filters in one holder

We are developing an microplate-based assay that needs absorption reading in a wide spectrum range, 350-700 nm. I'm thinkning of buying long pass...

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