BrandTech Scientific BRAND Insert 2in1 Cell Culture Inserts

BRAND Insert 2in1* is suitable for 2D and 3D cell culture. The BRAND Insert 2in1 can be used as both a standing insert and a hanging insert. When

MIDSCI TPP TubeSpin Tubes

Also found In: , Centrifuge Tubes

TPP TubeSpin Tubes are perfect for cell suspension! TPP TubeSpin Tubes are available in 15ml, 50ml or 600ml

MIDSCI Tissue Culture Treated Flasks

The TPP Tissue Culture Flasks stand for excellence in quality, reproducibility and Swiss engineering for superior performance and ease of use.

MIDSCI Tissue Culture Treated Flask-Tube

TPP Flask/Tube: 10cm2 Tissue Culture Treated with Conical Bottom – New & Improved

MIDSCI Peel-Off and Re-Closable Tissue Culture Flasks

Culture in Hybrid Flasks to save on time, reagents and money. TPP’s line of Peel off and Re-closable flasks brings the convertible culture ware

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