EPPENDORF Cell Culture Plates

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Proven Eppendorf quality brought to a new level. Premium in all aspects: Product, Performance and Packaging.

EPPENDORF Cell Culture Flasks

Workflow safety is combined with facilitated and ergonomic access to your cells.

EPPENDORF Cell Culture Dishes

Tool-free opening, a resealable top and side for reliable and tape-free closing and an easy solution to shrink the package for space-conscious storage

AMSbio Lipidure-Coat plates

Spheroid cell culture is typically based on the spontaneous formation of an aggregate of cells in an environment where cell-cell interactions

Sartorius Microsart @media

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Microsart @media are agar media dishes for Microbial Limits Testing

Thermo Scientific Nunc UpCell Surface Dishes

Nunc* Dishes, UpCell Surface

Series Models: 60mm Dish, 100mm Dish, 35mm Dish, 6-well Multidish, 12-well Multidish, 24-well Multidish, 48-well Multidish, 96-well Multidish

Thermo Scientific Nunc Low Cell Binding Dishes

Nunc* Dishes and Multidishes, Low Cell Binding Surface

Series Models: 60mm Tissue Culture Dish, 90mm Tissue Culture Dish, 6-well Multidish, 12-well Multidish, 24-well Multidish

Corning Life Sciences Pyrex

Clear culture dishes that will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry). Beaded edges provide greater mechanical strength and reduce capillary

Series Models: 60mm Dish, 100mm Dish, 150mm Dish

BD Biosciences Cell Culture Dishes

BD Biosciences offers an extensive selection of cell culture dishes

Series Models: 35mm Dish, 60mm Dish, 100mm Dish, 150mm Dish

Sartorius Virosart® Media

First virus retentive filter for cell culture media

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