Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! Kit

The Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! kit allows scientists to confirm the success of their antibody conjugation in one easy step.   

Innova Biosciences LATEX Bead Conjugation Kits

The LATEX Bead Conjugation Kits are one-step kits for covalently conjugating antibodies, proteins and peptides.

Innova Biosciences Thunder-Link PLUS

Thunder-Link® kits are easy to use oligonucleotide conjugation kits for antibodies or gold nanoparticles for the use in R&D applications

Innova Biosciences Conjugated Antibodies

The availability of antibodies directly conjugated to the enzyme or fluroresecent dye of choice remains limited in many areas. We have developed our

Innova Biosciences FlexLISA® Kits

Flexible, quick and easy ELISA development and optimization!

Innova Biosciences Lightning-Link® Rapid Alexa Fluor® 488

Lightning-Link® Rapid is an innovative technology that enables direct labeling of proteins, peptides or other biomolecules for use in R&D

Innova Biosciences Magnetic Conjugation Kit

The Magnetic Conjugation Kit allows one-step conjugation of antibodies, proteins and peptides (or any other biomolecule with an amine group) to

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