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GRIPTIPS : Perfecting the connection between pipette and tip

Biotix CleanPak

CleanPak is the reload solution for the lab that is looking to maximize lab space, reduce their environmental footprint and has a tight budget to

Biotix xTIP Pipette Tips

Discover the benefits of using the most advanced tips available.

Series Models: 20 μL Filter Tip, 200 μL Filter Tip, 1000 μL Filter Tip, 20 μL Non-Filter Tip, 250 μL Non-Filter Tip, 1000 μL Non-Filter Tip

Sartorius FlexiBulk Tip Packs

The FlexiBulk concept is a completely new approach to packing tips - something that has not been seen on the market before.


Less Weight, Less Waste, 100&#037 Recyclable

Tecan LiHa - Liquid Handling Disposable Tips

Tecan offers a wide range of disposable tips for use with the Liquid Handling (LiHa) Arm for the Freedom EVO® series instruments. Tecan LiHa

EPPENDORF Eppendorf Serological Pipets

Eppendorf completes its portfolio in liquid handling with our new line of Eppendorf Serological Pipets. Experience the quality and convenience in

EPPENDORF ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. SealMax

Dualfilter SealMax is a self-sealing barrier tip that seals immediately upon contact with overpipetted liquid.

Drummond Scientific EZ Grip Tissue Culture Nosepiece

The Drummond EZ Grip Tissue Culture Nosepiece eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination due to over-pipetting. It incorporates a dual

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Syringues for organic solvents

In our lab we use normal pipettes (50 to 1000 µL) to transfer volumes of organix solvents as isooctane, toluene, MeOH or ACN. Due to...

10ul tips and needles for Starlet, Hamilton

How do I find exact dimensions of 10ul tips and needles? Are 10ul tip thinner then 50ul? please reply to:

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