Bruker AXS InSight 3DAFM

Production-based 3D reference metrology for 45 nm and below

Nanonics Imaging Ltd. The Hydra

The Hydra is a new revolution in the Bio AFM market that allows integration with any upright or inverted microscope. The Hydra's open design can be

Nanonics Imaging Ltd. CryoView 2000

The Nanonics CryoView 2000TM introduces the world of integrated microscopy to low temperature research. With simultaneous NSOM, AFM, Confocal and

Nanonics Imaging ltd. MultiView 4000

The integration of multiple probes in scanning probe microscopy (SPM) has been a dream since its earliest days of development. Nano-structure

Bruker AXS Innova

Lowest noise, highest resolution Atomic Force Microscope in its class

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Technical problems

Hello, I am using Agilent Technoligies 5500 AFM microscope (Model: N9451A) and have some problems. It is very complicated to approach the tip to...

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