Particle Counters

Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4e

Also found In: Particle Size Analyzers ,

High resolution particle counting, sizing and size distribution of cells, particles or sub-visible particles.

Beckman Coulter Z1™ Series

Also found In: Particle Size Analyzers ,

Z series Coulter Counter® - State of the Art Instrumentation

Beckman Coulter Z1

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Beckman Coulter Z1 Dual Cell and Particle Counter

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Questions for Particle Counters

Wifi setup

Our WIFI security requires any device to have a certificate. Can such a certificate be installed/loaded on the MET ONE 3400 series? If so...

Check sample level

Hi everyone, currently my machine pop-up the error " check sample level ". Already check the level of the sample ( ok ), Drain and refill...

Error codes

Hi,  Recently, when we use the machine, There are  two error messages (Loadmenu failed (1200) and dialogbox failed (1372) appeared...

HACH sc100

has anyone had trouble with sc100 digital controller. When run for long periods of time (years) they dont seem to come back to life when unplugged...

Z1 pump error

My Beckman Coulter Z1 particle counter gives a 'resetting metering system' on startup, then gives a 'metering pump failure' message...

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