Scintillation Counters

PerkinElmer Quantulus GCT

The new Quantulus GCT, with patent-pending technology, delivers the same ultralow-level sensitivity you trust, but in a lighter benchtop footprint.

Beckman Coulter LS6000

The Beckman LS 6000 Liquid Scintillation Counter is a high-performing system that offers flexibility of use. This model can freely function without

PerkinElmer Wallac Microbeta Trilux

Perkin Elmer Wallac Microbeta Trilux 1450-021 Microplate Scintillation and Luminescence Analyzer

Beckman Coulter LS 3801 Scintillation Counter

Instrument can be operated in either a manual or automatic modes, counts samples in a liquid format, either with the standard 20mL glass or plastic

Packard Bioscience Cobra II 5010

Packard Bioscience Cobra II model 5010  The Cobra II model 5010 is a 10 detector system which provides the highest throughput available. It can

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Questions for Scintillation Counters

Start up failure

I have a Beckman LS 6500Serial # 7070876 with a WYSE WT 9650 XE terminal that has not been used for almost 3 years. I turned on the counter the...

Sample count error

Hello, Our lab recently acquired a 6500 and we're attempting to get it up and running. The lead shielding and PMT were removed by a...

H# abort: count rate too low

Hello everyone, We have a Beckman LS6000 Scintilation Counter in our lab. Until recently it worked quite well, but now we get following error...

wont stack plates

my topcount when im in diagnostics mode testing how it stacks plates, it will drop the plate down but drops two down and jams, and also does not push...

no voltage into solid state relay to turn chiller on.

I am having a problem with my topcount and chiller, my top count turns on, and if i hook direct voltage upto my chiller it will turn on and cool, but...

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