Cambridge Epigenetix TrueMethyl Whole-Genome

Found In: DNA Sequencing Reagents

For the preparation of 48 TrueMethyl® converted and indexed DNA libraries for Illumina® sequencing

Synthego Synthetic sgRNA

Found In: Miscellaneous

Achieve 90% editing efficiency with the highest quality synthetic sgRNA in the market. Synthego is the first company to deliver a full length

AMSbio Biotin Labeled Proteins

Found In: Sample Preparation Supplies , Western Blotting

Our exclusive biotinylated protein collection is specially designed to simplify your research.

inSphero 3D InSight™ Monkey Liver Microtissues

Found In: 3D Cell Culture

Primary cynomolgus hepatocyte-derived 3D monkey liver models delivering greater physiological relevance for investigative toxicology studies

Irvine Scientific PRIME-XV® T Cell CDM

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

Chemically-defined, animal component-free medium for T cell culture optimized to deliver consistent growth while maintaining T cell functionality and

Bel-Art Products EcoTensil® Disposable Paper Sampling Spoons

Found In: Sample Preparation Supplies

This paperboard product stores flat and easily folds into a functional spoon for sampling and retrieving materials in the laboratory.    

Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! Kit

Found In: Antibodies

The Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! kit allows scientists to confirm the success of their antibody conjugation in one easy step.   

Integra Biosciences GripTips

Found In: Pipette Tips

GRIPTIPS : Perfecting the connection between pipette and tip

Porvair Sciences 384-deep well plate

Found In: Sample Preparation Supplies

Porvair Sciences has an excellent and well designed selection of 384-well polypropylene plates to suit most applications. All are made from

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Digital PCR Assay

Found In: Assays

Our digital PCR assays are hydrolysis probe–based assays that were designed by experts in the digital PCR field.

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Elisa kit application

Can this kit be adopted to screen small molecules with the potential ti inhbit APP C31 formation.  If so, what is the procedure?

Glassware rating

I have a pyrexplus coated 61626 2L bottle and a VWR 5L 89000-244 bottle that I will be using to collect product in, downstream of a pressure...

Aflatoxins B & G immunoaffinity columns G1068

I want this product how can I cotact with supplier of it ?please help me with more informationbest regards

The synthesis of Epothilone D

Epothilone D is a natural polyketide compound isolated from the myxobacterium Sorangium cellulosum. Also known as desoxyepothilone B, epothilone D...

quote request

please can you quote us below item: 1) 2.5GM SINGLE SHOT MALVERN QUALITY AUDIT STANDARDS PART NO.: QAS3002 QTY#10.00 PACK

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