Qorpak PYREX® Low Form Graduated Griffin Beakers

PYREX® Low Form Graduated Griffin Beakers with spout are manufactured with uniform wall thickness, offers optimum balance between thermal shock

Kimble Chase Griffin Beakers, Low Form, Color with Double Capacity Scale

Made of KIMAX KG-33 glass. All sizes have a durable, color, matte finish marking area for use with an ordinary pencil. An easy-to-read graduated

Qorpak PYREX® Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks

These borosilicate glass PYREX® Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks have shorter necks and come with full length outer 24/40 standard taper glass joints.

Qorpak PYREX® Kjeldahl Flasks

These round bottom Kjeldahl Flasks, specially styled, have long tooled finished necks for extra strength.

SCHOTT DURAN® test tube

DURAN® test tube with beaded rim or straight rim  The test tubes are thick-walled and therefore mechanically very resistant, yet still retain

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Glassware rating

I have a pyrexplus coated 61626 2L bottle and a VWR 5L 89000-244 bottle that I will be using to collect product in, downstream of a pressure...

Prefilter size for microfiltration

I have the Kimble 953805-0090 Vacuum Microfiltration Glassware Assembly with Stainless Steel Support, 90mm Filter Size. Which makes sense to be 90mm...

Maximum pressure?

What is the maximum internal air pressure that this bottle can stand?

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