Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery VAF-900C

This mid-speed capsule filler is designed to fill hard gelatin capsules with powder, pellets or granular materials.

Bosch Packaging Technology GKF 700

The GKF 700 uses a precision functional process in which the capsules are aligned, opened, filled, and reclosed.

Bosch Packaging Technology GKF 400

The GKF 400 has a maximum output of 400 capsules per minute. In a precision functional process the capsules, fed pre-locked and non-oriented, are alig

Torpac Inc. ProFiller 3700

ProFiller 3700 is the new standard in 300-hole bench-top capsule filling systems

Capsugel ProFiller Series

Capsugel’s manual capsule filling machines help speed the capsule filling process for R&D work, small clinical trials or other small operations.

Series Models: ProFiller 1100, ProFiller OE

IMA Pharma Zanasi Plus

Zanasi Plus are capsule filling machines able to dose powders, pellets, liquids, tablets and microtablets into hard gelatine capsules.

MG2 G250

Thanks to its high flexibility/automation levels, G250 capsule filler represents the most suitable solution for medium/big productions.

ACG PAM Pharma Technologies Legend 2500

The Pam Capsula Legend 2500,the next generation in automatic capsule fillers, uses ultra-modern engineering.

Romaco Macofar Capsule Filler CD 40

Macofar's intermittent motion capsule filler CD 40 is the compact solution for filling capsules with powders, granules, pellets or tablets.

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery VAF-2000E

This model provides precision dosing of granules, powders, micro-tablets or pellets into hard gelatin or vegetable capsules.

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What is the purchase price for the CG North America AL-90?

Functions of the AF90T capsule filler

Is there need to check weigh the capsules after encapsulation? How accurate is the weight control on this machine?Does the machine have AWS function...


Please let me know the measures of this machine. Thank you. Best regards,   Yasser Verdecia Product...

BOSCH GKF 1200/1500 manual - HELP

Hi; I recently purchased a used BOSCH GKF 1200 capsule filler. Unfortunately the unit came with a manula that was a photocopy of a photocopy...

Request for Quote

Please quote price and delivery on the following equipment: 1. Bosch GKF400, 1 each 2. Full set change parts, 1 set

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