Sotax Corporation TM 200 Cap Torque Tester

Precision Measuring  The TM 200 is a torque-measuring device specially designed to work on bottle caps. The exact determination, especially of

CapPlus Technologies STI Model 10 Capsule Filler

Capsule filler rated at 18,000 to 25,000 capsules per hour for capsules sizes #000 through #4

CapPlus Technologies CF22 Capsule Filler

Capsule filler rated at 22,000 capsules per hour 14 liter supply hopper

CapPlus Technologies CF25 Capsule Filler

Automatic capsule filler rated at 25,000 capsules per hour. PLC Control system with 10" color touch screen control panel mounted on swing out

CapPlus Technologies CF72 Capsule Filler

CF72 automatic capsule filler, all #304 stainless steel contact parts Rated at 72,000 capsules per hour.

CapPlus Technologies CF150 Capsule Filler

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine rated at 150,000 capsules per hour with complete tooling set of your choice.

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Request for Quote

Please quote price and delivery on the following equipment: 1. Bosch GKF400, 1 each 2. Full set change parts, 1 set

Combination filling

Does MG2 250 model has provision of combination filling like powder+pellet or pellet+pellet or tablet+pellet

AF-40(T) Capsule Filler inquiry

Please provide all specification and what about metal detector, empty capsule sensor, polishing and Inspectionactivity.

batch failure for uniformity of dosage unit test

We have a product running on legend 2500 machine. We have observed that UC of the batch is failing even after validating the the speed of the machine...


just  happend to run across one of your kdf-500 capsule machines and I am trying to put it in working condition once again but never had a...

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