Romaco Beyond Technology S 250 SMART Tablet Press

The Romaco Kilian S 250 SMART rotary tablet press is designed to meet all customer requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, combining outstanding

CapPlus Technologies Stealth II Tablet Press

New Stealth II D Tooled       Fully Automatic 30 station tablet press      Rated at up to 144,000 tablets per hour      10 tons

CapPlus Technologies Ultra Tablet Press

Up to 91,000 tablets per hour      14 mm maximum tablet diameter      16 mm maximum filling depth      6 ton maximum compression

CapPlus Technologies Millennium III

Up to 295,000 tablets per hour. 10 tons pre-compression. 10 ton main compression

CapPlus Technologies Econoline Double Sided Press

New CPT Econoline Double-sided "D" tooled tablet press    Up to 37 stations    Rated at up to 220,000 TPH    25mm maximum tablet

CapPlus Technologies Millenium Tablet Press

5 stations    Rated from 96,000 to 260,000 tablets per hour    11 tons maximum compression    23 mm maximum tablet diameter or

CapPlus Technologies Econoline Mini Tablet Press 16 Station

Mini EconoLine 16 Station B press rated at up to 31,000 tablets per hour    Auto Lube System for turret     upper/lower compression

CapPlus Technologies Econoline II 20 Station Tablet Presses

CPT Single Sided     20 Station "D" Type Press    16,800 to 50,400 Maximum Tablets Per Hour,     10 Tons Maximum Main

CapPlus Technologies M6 Single station Press

40 Tablets Per Minute        Maximum Diameter of Tablet        75mm Maximum Filling Depth        Bronze Gravity Feed Shoe/Nickel

CapPlus Technologies M4 Single station Press

55 Tablets Per Minute      32 mm maximum diameter      38 mm maximum filling depth      14 Tons Maximum pressure

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