Bosch Packaging Technology KKE 3800

The checkweigher has an output of up to 230,000 capsules/hour.

Thermo Scientific Versa GP

Versa GP Checkweigher is suitable in a broad range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.

Thermo Scientific Versa Rx

Versa Rx pharma checkweigher is designed to meet the high standards of performance that the pharmaceutical industry requires.

Thermo Scientific ACCUSTAR

Powered weigh table designed with finite analysis offers an open, modular design with superior weighing properties

METTLER TOLEDO X-Series Checkweighers

Hi-Speed checkweighers deliver productivity and profitability for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries.

Series Models: XE2, XE3, XS1, XS2, XSW Pharma Checkweigher, XS3


A market leading range of extremely reliable checkweighers, specifically designed to improve efficiency and to give you peace of mind.

Series Models: XE2, XE3, XS2 Pharma Checkweigher, XS2 MV


The ICS449 is specially developed for easy manual checkweighing. Simple to operate with only seven keys and five additional soft keys.

Kraemer Elektronik IPC.line CIW 6.3

Automatic Weighing + Thickness Measuring System for Tablets & Capsules

Sartorius WK Weighing Modules

The static classifying module with a high weighing precision and a transport belt for right-/left sorting to select IN SPEC from OUT OF SPEC sample

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A-D board needed

I am looking for an A-D board for a Ramsey Icore Autocheck 8000. Where can I find one? contact me at


How I get the user manual? Auto Check 8000

Mettler Toledo Hi speed XS2 Checkweiger

The stack lights not working, suppose work when the machine is running green light on, when machine stop or have a reject red light coming on, and...


Currently receiving reports and free run messages from ports A and B, respectively. Noticed that serial ports have both Tx and Rx lines which...

Mettler Toledo XC3 touch screen sensitivity

would like to know is there an adjustment for touch screen sensitivity  on the XC3 or it has to be adjusted on the PCB. can someone help me out.

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