Bosch Packaging Technology Solidlab1

Also found In: Coaters / Coating , High Shear Granulators ,

One Unit - three processing modules - eight functions

Series Models: Fluid Bed Small Container, Fluid Bed Large Container, Drum Coater Multi Drum, Drum Coater Multi Mix

Bosch Packaging Technology HD/HDG/HDGC 100 to 800

Hüttlin fluid bed systems have a modular design. The base devices are designed as heavy-duty 10 bar or 12 bar excess pressure lines.

Series Models: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800

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Use of disolvent

In our process we use a high quantity of ethyl alcohol. With the use of a ghibli , will we expect reduce that quantity? Our process use a ribbon...

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