PerkinElmer Flexar FX-10 UHPLC

High value or high performance? Why not go for both?

PerkinElmer Flexar FX-15 UHPLC

Ultimate performance. Sometimes you just want more.

PerkinElmer Flexar

For ease and reliability, there's only one choice.

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Questions for UHPLC Systems

re: antosampler

When I run a sample, no analyst or IS peak is detected. I check the equipment in detail. I find that the autosampler can not inject the sample. It...

Flashing Red Check Mark on UV Detector

What does the flashing red check mark on the UV detector indicate?  Would it be the monochrometer, power supply, or other problem?  I...

Acquity UPLC H Class PDA Detector Flow cell

What is the average life of flow cell

Needle Out of range ERROR

hello; when i try to calibration error apear: Needle Calibration Out Of Range(45.7) help me, plz. thank u

sample vials sticking to autosampler arm

Our autosampler arm (CTC PAL system) is often unable to fully release our autosampler vials after sampling. The syringe needle seems to get stuck in...

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