Auto SE: Designed for your thin film measurements, to deliver maximum efficiency with simplicity

HTA HT1000

HT1000 is a spectroscopy autosampler, compatible with a wide range of spectroscopy applications, including ICP-OES,ICP-MS, FAAS and Flame Photometers


The SpectraLED is a novel light source designed specifically for the measurement of phosphorescence lifetimes.

PIKE Technologies VATR

The Variable Angle ATR, is a traditional in-compartment accessory with the ATR crystal mounted vertically with respect to the spectrometer baseplate.

CSS Analytical Hyperbolic Metal Quads

Your quadrupoles (quads) are an integral part of your mass spectrometer system. Specifically, they are one part of the "Analyzer"

CSS Analytical Nanospray for LTQ

It is now possible to take full advantage of easy, repeatable nano spray using the the Agilent Chip product with Thermo LTQ, Velos, Orbitrap and more.

CSS Analytical 5973 Lan Upgrade

Also found In: Software ,

CSS Analytical Eighty-X PX (c) Bare Bones Lan Upgrades for your HP 6890 5973 and Agilent 6890 5973 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Systems.

CSS Analytical 6890 Lan Upgrade

Also found In: Software ,

Upgrade your 6890 GC systems to a modern PC with full network connectivity and the very latest Agilent Chemstation.

ILT ILT950 / ILT950UV Portable Spectroradiometer Systems

Most Cost-Effective, Fully Integrated, CCD-based Spectroradiometer Family Available with ISO17025 Accredited Calibration

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