Bruker Optics ELEXSYS-II

Setting the standard for high-level EPR spectroscopy

Series Models: ELEXSYS E780, ELEXSYS E600 and E680, ELEXSYS E580, ELEXSYS E560, ELEXSYS E540, ELEXSYS E500

Metrohm Metrohm Autolab + Arbin: Integrated EIS Solution for Battery Research

Metrohm Autolab and Arbin Instruments have combined decades of experience to create an easy to install Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

ASD Inc Transmission Probes

ASD offers a variety of transmission probes for various contact dip, absorbance, and transflectance measurements.

ASD Inc Tripods

ASD offers a variety of tripods ideal for use with ASD products in a wide range of applications.

ASD Inc Reflectance Probes

ASD offers a variety of reflectance probes for various contact reflectance measurements.

ASD Inc Small Diameter Reflectance Probe

With an approximate spot size of only 2 mm, the Small Diameter Reflectance Probe was designed to collect spectra from individual small materials.

ASD Inc Shipping Cases

ASD offers a variety of impact resistant and water proof shipping cases with high density foam inserts to protect your instrumentation.

ASD Inc LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument

The LabSpec 4 Hi-Res analytical spectrometer is designed for analysis of materials that are characterized by sharp spectral features.

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