Buehler SimpliMet 3000 Mounting Press

This versatile compression mounting press is designed for users with high variety in the lab.


The SpectraLED is a novel light source designed specifically for the measurement of phosphorescence lifetimes.


Auto SE: Designed for your thin film measurements, to deliver maximum efficiency with simplicity

ASD Inc Tripods

ASD offers a variety of tripods ideal for use with ASD products in a wide range of applications.

ASD Inc Shipping Cases

ASD offers a variety of impact resistant and water proof shipping cases with high density foam inserts to protect your instrumentation.

ASD Inc Pistol Grips

ASD offers multiple pistol grip options for superior ease-of-use and adaptability to a variety of environmental and situational elements.

ASD Inc GPS Receiver

The GPS accessory can be used in stand-alone mode with the HandHeld 2 or with the controlling computer in tethered mode.

ASD Inc goLab Mobile Work Station

Now, technicians and researchers, armed with a powerful ASD spectrometer system and the goLab Mobile Work Station.

ASD Inc Fiber Checker Magnifiers

This ASD proprietary software and hardware diagnostic tool was developed so that people using ASD spectrometers can check the internal glass fibers.

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