Sartorius Group Flexsafe STR®

Flexsafe® meets your requirements for outstanding robustness and ease of use throughout all steps of single-use processing – from rocking motion or

Lonza Group Ltd. Quasi Vivo®

The Quasi Vivo® system consists of a series of cell culture chambers connected through dynamic flow of media throughout the system. This arrangement

Applied BioPhysics 24W Transfilter Adapter

The ECIS® 24W TransFilter Adapter is designed to measure the TEER of cell layers grown on 24 well membrane filter inserts available from a broad

AMSbio Exosome Standards

Highly purified, lyophilized exosome standards as calibration standards for quantitation of exosome-derived markers from different biological fluids

INFORS HT Cell Growth Quantifier

The cell growth quantifier (cgq) is the first system for the automated and highly parallelized monitoring of cell density in shake flasks. Our

Amsbio ClioCell

ClioCell™ – Dead cell removal

AMSbio AptoPrep

Amsbio offers proprietary AptoPrepTM cell isolation assay as user friendly kit products for your cell isolation needs. The kit provides the combined

BrandTech Scientific BRANDplates® Insert System for 3D Cell Culture

The NEW BRANDplates® Insert System is an innovative microplate system for cell culture applications such as co-culture, migration/invasion assays,

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