Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Digital PCR Assays

Our digital PCR assays are hydrolysis probe–based assays that were designed by experts in the digital PCR field.

DeNovix Inc. dsDNA Fluorescence Quantification Kit

The DeNovix dsDNA Fluorescence Quantification Assays include three highly-specific, highly-sensitive kits for dsDNA quantification. Selectively and

ACD RNAscope® Automated Assays

For labs that require high throughput and automated RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) analysis

PerkinElmer LANCE Ultra TR-FRET

From assay development to primary and secondary screening, LANCE Ultra technology provides researchers with robust and easy-to-use assays

Archer FusionPlex

Archer™ FusionPlex™ Assays are purpose-built for gene fusion detection using next-generation sequencing (NGS) on Illumina® and Ion

Chromatrap ChIP-seq kit

Chromatrap’s® new ChIP-seq kit utilises the solid state technology in parallel with high throughput sequencing.

Horizon Cell Free DNA HDx Reference Standards

The emergence of non-invasive disease assessment and progression monitoring has resulted in the development of many new cell-free DNA (cfDNA) assays.

AMSbio Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins

Recombinant prokaryotic lectins (RPL®) are superior glycoselective biaffinity molecules that enable simple, fast, and efficient detection, analysis,

Gyros AB Gyrolab hulgG Kits

Gyros has developed two kits to rapidly determine human intact IgG titers over broad concentration ranges:    Gyrolab huIgG Kit– High

Gyros AB Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kits 2 -5

Developing immunoassays to monitor HCP impurities faces many challenges. Typically, hundreds of different HCPs are produced during cell culture. HCP

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Elisa kit application

Can this kit be adopted to screen small molecules with the potential ti inhbit APP C31 formation.  If so, what is the procedure?

Gyrolab™ systems

So can any one tell me some details about Gyrolab™ systems? or any bio-services related? 

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