AMSbio CellMax

AMSBIO has launched a new standard in control slides for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridisation (ISH).

AMSbio Biotin Labeled Proteins

Also found In: , Western Blotting

Our exclusive biotinylated protein collection is specially designed to simplify your research.

Bel-Art Products EcoTensil® Disposable Paper Sampling Spoons

This paperboard product stores flat and easily folds into a functional spoon for sampling and retrieving materials in the laboratory.    

Porvair Sciences 384-deep well plate

Porvair Sciences has an excellent and well designed selection of 384-well polypropylene plates to suit most applications. All are made from

Micronic 0.75ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread

The 0.75ml cryotubes from Micronic enable you to store your valuable samples in a safe and traceable way. The sample storage tubes are available in a

Macherey-Nagel NucleoSnap Plasmid Midi

New column design (snap-off column) for vacuum processing of large sample volumes      Transfection-grade plasmid DNA for sensitive downstream

SARSTEDT Insert, 12 Well, PET 8µm, TL

TC insert for 12 well plate, PET membrane bottom, translucent, pore size 8 µm, sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, 1 pc./blister

Micronic 1.40ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread

Dutch-based Micronic, a leader in sample preservation and storage, releases a line of tubes that improves sample integrity.

Micronic 1.40ml Tubes

Also found In: , Bottles / Jars / Vials

Do you want to organize your samples in a better way? If so, then Micronic offers you a wide range of 1.40ml sample storage tubes.

New England Biolabs NEBNext® Ultra™ II Kit

Are you challenged with trying to obtain higher library yields using ever-decreasing input amounts? Each component in the NEBNext Ultra II DNA

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