AFM - Atomic Force Microscope

Hitachi Probe Station AFM5000II / Real TuneII

Hitachi AFM5000II includes the control system and software package to allow a wealth of advanced imaging and data analysis. Its superb function

Hitachi General-purpose Small Unit AFM5100N

Hitachi's general-purpose atomic force microscope, Model AFM5100N, features superior ease of use, a wide range of capabilities, and extraordinary

Hitachi Environment Control Unit AFM5300E

The Hitachi research-grade AFM5300E offers significantly improved sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution of electromagnetic property measurements

Hitachi Scanning Probe Microscope AFM5500M

The AFM5500M is a SPM platform equipped with a fully addressable 4-inch stage, optimized for medium-sized samples. It affords exceptional levels of

Bruker Optics ForceRobot 300

The New Standard in Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Bruker Optics OT-AFM Combi System

Powerful Optical Tweezers & AFM Combination NanoWizard & NanoTracker

Bruker Optics CellHesion Module

Quantitative determination of cellular adhesion parameters

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Detector 0 sum

Hi,Our AFM detector shows activity in the different quadrants however we see no sum greater than 0 (signal strength). Not sure where to start...

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