AFM - Atomic Force Microscope

Bruker Corporation BioScope Resolve™

Unrivalled BioAFM for Biomechanics and Highest Resolution Imaging

Bruker Corporation Inspire

Provices the highest-resolution nanoscale chemical and property mapping combined with radical productivity advances and uncompromised AFM performance


The Highest Performance AFM for everyone

Bruker Optics ForceRobot 300

The New Standard in Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Bruker Optics OT-AFM Combi System

Powerful Optical Tweezers & AFM Combination NanoWizard & NanoTracker

Bruker Optics CellHesion Module

Quantitative determination of cellular adhesion parameters

Bruker Optics CellHesion 200

The Single Cell Force Testing Solution for Cell Adhesion and Elasticity Studies

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Detector 0 sum

Hi,Our AFM detector shows activity in the different quadrants however we see no sum greater than 0 (signal strength). Not sure where to start...

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