Synthego Synthetic sgRNA

Achieve 90% editing efficiency with the highest quality synthetic sgRNA in the market. Synthego is the first company to deliver a full length

Workrite Uniform Co. FR/CP Lab Coats

The new FR/CP Lab Coat, featuring Westex® ShieldTEC™,brings together the latest innovations in lab safety to protect wearers against multiple

Porvair Sciences 96-Well Black Storage Plate

Porvair Sciences has developed the first 96-well deep well plate that genuinely delivers 2.00 ml liquid capacity / well

Bel-Art Products Electronic Timer

All Electronic Timers now feature a Certificate of Calibration and individual serial number. These electronic timers are tested and calibrated.

tecaLAB Thermal Lab Beads™

Replacing lab bath water or ice with tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ greatly reduces both the risk of contamination and the maintenance

Bemis Parafilm

A versatile, moisture-resistant, thermoplastic flexible plastic for a wide variety of clinical and industrial applications.


Over 60 years ago, Kimberly-Clark created Kimwipes* Wipers, the first laboratory cleaning wiper.

Rigel Medical UNI-SIM Lite

The UNI-SiM Lite is a handheld and battery-operated vital signs simulator, designed to be a cost effective and portable solution for carrying out

Malvern Panalytical 4 – 20 mA Interface board (8 channels)

Packed within a compact frame, the fully automated at-line measurement station promotes efficient process particle size analysis. A hopper, feeder

World Precision Instruments MemoryFlex Surgical Scissors

MemoryFlex™surgical scissors cuts better, lasts longer and causes less trauma to tissue. The memory steel patented technology provides the

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Measurement of std with dip cell zen 1002

The specification -42 +/- 4.2 mv applies also in case a different cell is used for ex dip cell ZEN1002 instead of the folded capillary cell described...

Quote item DTS1235

We are inserted in buying QTY 2 of this item : DTS1235 Please advise the price and lead-time.

Size of the polystyrene latex particles form DTS 1235?

I would like to know which would be the size of the latex particles from the Potential standard DTS 1235? Regards, Mercè

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