Freeman Technology Uniaxial Powder Tester

The Uniaxial Powder Tester (UPT) from Freeman Technology provides an accurate and repeatable measure of the unconfined yield strength (UYS)

AimSizer Scientific Ltd. AS-600 Powder Characteristic Tester

Powder is a complex system both in flowing and static state. The intrinsic properties as well as friction between particles express some special

AimSizer Scientific Ltd. AS-6393 Powder Tester

S-6393 Powder Tester is a powder testing apparatus designed by AimSizer Scientific according to ASTM D6393 Standard Test Method for Bulk Solids

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems Hosokawa Peneto Analyzer PNT-N

The Peneto measures powder wettability, specifically speed and weight of liquids that penetrate the powder layer. This gives affinity between liquid

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems Micron Powder Characteristics Tester

Hosokawa’s Powder Tester PT-X employs the methods developed by Ralph L. Carr (Carr Indices) to determine the “Flowability & Floodability” of dry

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems Alpine® ATP Turboplex Air Classifier

The Alpine® ATP Turboplex Air Classifier is ideal for ultra-fine classification of superfine powders. The patented multi-wheel design offers the same

Pharma Test PT-TD200

Tapping Density and Apparent Volume Tester

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