DAKO Dako CoverStainer

Dako CoverStainer automates every step of the H&E process from baking, dewaxing and staining through to the dehydrated, coverslipped and dried slide

Avacta Group plc Affimer®

Affimer reagents and therapeutics are a class of non-antibody binding proteins that have been engineered for a wide range of applications where

AMETEK Brookfield VisCal Kit

An affordable "must have" for all Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer owners with everything you need in order to verify the calibration of your

AMETEK Brookfield Special Order Silicone Fluids

Special Order Silicone Fluids are for you if you need a nonstandard viscosity or temperature range. We can modify our silicone fluids to meet most

AMETEK Brookfield RST Rheometer Oil Fluids

These Oil Fluids are for use with the RST series Rheometers. Like all Brookfield Viscosity Standards, the RST Oil Fluids are accurate to ±1% of

AMETEK Brookfield General Purpose Silicone Fluids

General purpose silicone fluids are the most commonly used standard for verifying calibration of your Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer. Silicone

AMETEK Brookfield General Purpose Oil Fluids

General Purpose Oil Fluids are best suited for those instruments using Cone/Plate Viscometers/Rheometers.

AMETEK Brookfield High Temperature Silicone Fluids

High Temperature Silicone Fluids are Newtonian fluids calibrated at 25°C, 93.3°C and 149°C. These fluids are accurate to ±1% of viscosity value

AMETEK Brookfield Krebs Oil Fluids

Krebs Oil Fluids are for use with the KU series Viscometers. Like all Brookfield Viscosity Standards, the Krebs Oil Fluids are accurate to ±1% of

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reagent mixing

I am looking for information on an economical and efficient way to mix small batches of reagents (20 liters).  Any thoughts would be great...

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