Brady Sterilization Indicating Labels

Brady's new Serialization Indicating material is a steam sterilization indicating polypropylene label designed with a preprinted header that displays

Brady Water Dissolvable Labels

Water Dissolvable labels are an ideal solution for temporary applications where easy removal, re-identification, or waste reduction are valued. The

CILS International Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons

The highest level of thermal transfer print durability is achieved through a combination of label construction, computer imprintable coating, ribbon

CILS International Ultra Thin Labels

The CILS ultra-thin range offers maximum durability with a specially designed ‘low-profile’ material ensuring minimal interference with storage racks

CILS International Solvent Resistant Labels

CILS ultra-resistant label range provides maximum durability against solvents including IPA, xylene, acetone etc., chemicals, and other harsh

CILS International Powerforms 2017

Also found In: Software ,

PowerForms 2017 takes the label design functionality of designer pro and adds in form creation technology allowing you to build custom forms without

CILS International Designer Pro 2017

Also found In: Software ,

Designer Pro 2017 is more flexible for complex applications with features including rich text fields, curved text, auto fit, customizable operator

CILS International Designer Express 2017

Also found In: Software ,

This software option is perfect for small or medium sized business with few users, few label variations or low volume printing requirements. Designer

CILS International Medical Equipment Labels

CILS laboratory medical device labels are designed for maximum durability in hospital environments, and are ideal for carrying unique device

CILS International Label Sets and Booklets

Label sets or booklets can be the most efficient and economical option if you require multiple durable labels for one application.       

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