UDY Corporation Protein System

Quick, Easy, Affordable Total Protein Analysis with Non Hazardous Chemicals

Series Models: MKP, MT-DP, SSP, MSP

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Questions for Colorimeters


Is there somewhere I can find an operating manual for this instrument?

Striped lenses

Is it possible to change the mirror placed in the box? because it is striped. How many lamps is it using? Deuterio & Tugsten Lamps?  I...

Informations on Jencons PCO2

Hello, I need any information available for the CO2 Partial Pressure Medical Colorimeter Jencons PCO2.  

Standard Control

Hello everyone! I've just bought DR 900 Multiparameter Handheld Colorimeter for water Quality but it doesnt come with control standard for...

DR 890 volume turn on

can someone assist me with turning the volume for the timer on

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