Hach Company HQD Intellical Probes

You can choose from a broad selection of Intellical probes to meet your most demanding laboratory and field applications, for parameters such as pH,

Hach Company H-Series Probes

Optimized stabilization algorithms in Hach's H-series meter platform eliminates operator guesswork and reduces inaccurate measurements. The PH30-GS

Anton Paar THT

The analysis of friction and wear properties of materials at elevated temperatures has become increasingly important

Anton Paar SPRn 4115

The standard sound velocity sensor SPRn 4115 is used for inline concentration measurements, phase separation or product identification.

Anton Paar SPRn 4215

These sound velocity sensors are used for aggressive and corrosive liquids.

Anton Paar SPRn 4214

The flow-through sound velocity sensor SPRn 4214 is used for online concentration measurements in pipes with a small diameter and low flow rates.

Degree Controls RFS300

Board Mount Digital Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

Degree Controls F500

Universal Air Velocity & Temperature Probe

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