Anton Paar High Temperature Tribometer (THT)

The analysis of friction and wear properties of materials at elevated temperatures has become increasingly important, especially for the development

Anton Paar L-Com 5500

For concentration measurement of three-component mixtures

Bruker Optics SVGps

The Bruker SVGps Radiation Survey Meter is a high precision, handheld system that uses a combination of Geiger-Mueller counting tubes and

Bruker Optics Radiation Probe

The Bruker Radiation Probe is a gamma dose-rate detector that mounts to the superstructure and has IP66 protection. This detector outputs data over

Physitemp MT Series Needle Microprobes

These stainless steel microprobes have closed, sharpened tips. We can put up to 3 sensors in a 23ga needle and 1 or 2 sensors in a 26ga needle. 


Teflon sheathed thermocouple wires are implanted with regular hypodermic needle. 14ga. or 17ga.  When ordering, specify: Probe series (IT),

Physitemp RET-4

The new RET-4 Rectal probe for very small animals (neonatal mice). Flexible polyurethane sheath with smooth rounded tip (see inset). 36” long (can be

Physitemp RET-3-ISO

The new RET-3-ISO for mice and neonatal rats has all the same features of the RET-3 plus:    an isolated sensor (can be used with

Physitemp RET-2-ISO

The new RET-2-ISO for rats has all the same features of the RET-2 plus:    an isolated sensor (can be used with montoring equipment

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