Physitemp Water Pump and Tank Unit "Model-PTU-3"

Model-PTU-3 -Pump and Tank Unit was designed for use with Physitemp's range of thermoelectric cooling and heating stages. It provides a convenient

Physitemp WF-1 In-Line Sediment Filter

Physitemp Instruments has introduced an In-line Sediment Filtration System for its extensive range of thermoelectric cooling and heating stages. The

Physitemp Switchbox: SWT-2

SWT-2 Lets you use two probes in a thermometer with a single input. SWT-2 was designed with BAT-12 in mind -- it is small and easy to carry in the

Physitemp Switchbox: DISCONTINUED SBT-5

SBT-5 Switches on front panel, inputs on back panel. Case is designed to clamp onto any Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer, but unit will connect to

Physitemp Heating Plate, HP-1M & HP-4M

Heating Plate, HP-1M, HP-4M: Optional direct current heating plate for small rodents(mice and rats). Standard plates are black anodized aluminum and

Physitemp Heat Lamp, HL-1

Optional infrared heat lamp is table mounted with an adjustable swing arm providing for easy adjustment of radiant heat to specimen. The lamp is

Physitemp Warming Blanket, WB-1, WB-2

Warming Blanket, WB-1, WB-2: Physitemp now offers two sizes of flexible blankets for use with the TCAT-2LV?and TCAT-2DF?controllers. These blankets

Thermal Support Aluminum 6.7mm Sample Pan and Pan Style Lid.

“Self Crimping” Product (no crimper required). Same size and look as it’s TA standard pan replacement, we made these with tight tolerances or no crimp

Thermal Support Aluminum 6.7mm x 2.7mm Sample Pan

This is a 6.7mm standard sample pan similar to those standard pans used by TA Instruments, PerkinElmer and Netzsch.

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