Sartorius Group SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU

This filtration system features innovative single-use technology and includes a sterile and ready to use bag loop assembly.

GE Healthcare ÄKTAcrossflow tangential flow filtration system

ÄKTAcrossflow is a fully automated tangential flow filtration system for process development and is suitable for filter screening and process

Sartorius Group Membrane Filter

The Sartorius membrane filters product line includes a wide selection of membrane materials for the microfiltration.

Sartorius Group Filter-Loop-Assembly

Sartocon® Self Contained Filter and Bag Loop Assemblies are supplied sterile and ready to use. Due to the fully enclosed design the assembly is well

Sigma-Aldrich Iso-Disc Syringe-Tip Filters

Use Iso-Disc syringe filters to protect your HPLC column and instrument. Filters are available in Nylon, PTFE, and PVDF.

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