Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020

Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Reliability

Thermo Scientific ISQ Single Quadrupole

The Thermo Scientific* ISQ* system offers rugged and reliable performance and nonstop productivity.

Thermo Scientific ISQ™ QD Single Quadrupole GC-MS System

A GC-MS any chromatographer can run, afford and rely upon. For budget-mindful lab owners seeking a reliable replacement for stand-alone GCs, the

Thermo Scientific ISQ™ LT Single Quadrupole GC-MS System

For analytically demanding, high-throughput analysis, requiring utmost sensitivity and maximum productivity, the Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™

Agilent Technologies 5977B GC/MSD

The NEW 5977B High Efficiency Source (HES) GC/MSD builds on a tradition of providing the most trusted single-quadrupole GC/MS system. The

Bruker Corporation 300-MS

The Bruker 300-MS is a configurable, easy-to use quadrupole mass spectrometer; designed to uniquely match your budget and analytical requirements.

Quanterix SR-Plex benchtop

The Quanterix SR-Plex Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection System is the latest instrument powered by Simoa technology.

HP 5970

This Product Has Been Discontinued

HP 5988A

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Error Code 0x031c - File not found

We have a GCMS 2010 plus and and ultra each equipped with an FID.  We randomly see the error code 0x031c - file not found.  The run...


Good afternoon,   I'm from Brazil and I have a instrument like this.   But, unfortunatelly, it have been leaks...

Working of software

I just need the working manual of the software concerned

shimadzu GCMS QP2010 plus

we have shimadzu GCMS QP2010 plus in our university. our probleme is the base line, when we make a tune to the instrument we have a negative peaks...

error message

Hi, Can someone explain what "detector high-voltage supply error" means exactly and how to solve the problem? Can't perform...

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